For more than 20 years, Direction One Inc’s clients’ portraits have appeared in industry leading publications, magazines, websites, and various marketing and sales materials. We’ve worked in a multitude of industries, interacting with employees and CEOs in a professional, courteous manner. Educating our clients on the process, and what to expect, results in photo sessions that are organized and efficient.

Direction One Inc’s photographer Vince Lupo knows that portrait photography consists of more than a background and a camera – your team needs to look their very best. That’s why Direction One Inc. pays attention to details like presence, personality, and purpose. Our personal approach puts subjects at ease, allowing their personality to shine.

“Vince knows how to draw out the best in me and makes me feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera,” said Ace of Cakes owner and Food Network personality Duff Goldman. “I have no reservations in saying he is by far the best photographer that I have ever worked with.”

We take a consultative approach to our craft, following your direction while using our experience and talent to provide valid suggestions when needed.

Creating a suitable environment is another key to our success, and unlike some photographers, we prefer to hold our photo shoots at a client’s place of business. This approach reduces scheduling headaches and allows our photographer to work efficiently with clients, while adding a degree of flexibility to the schedule. This ensures subjects can return to other priorities and still remain natural in front of the camera.

When deadlines demand it, we can perform post production onsite that produces immediate deliverables. Direction One Inc. doesn’t miss deadlines, and we pride ourselves on our customer service and going the extra mile. Your vision is our mission, and we deliver every time.

Clients have praised our creative, dynamic solutions that produce original, captivating portrait photography.

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