In order for travelers to decide where to rest their heads, they must first picture themselves relaxing and enjoying the comforts offered by your establishment. Eye-catching and experience-defining photography helps hospitality clients see themselves staying with you.

Travelers have an endless amount of options. So why should they opt to spend their time with you? Direction One Inc. specializes in displaying the positive, and engaging, features of your hospitality locale; from the comforts of a temporary abode, to delicious meals, to the finest in customer service. We strive to tell the story of what could be the experience of a lifetime.

Presenting the multiple aspects of a hospitality locale is the main challenge to this type of photography. Which is why Direction One Inc’s ability to problem solve and correct on-site is an asset in executing the perfect hospitality shot.

For example, Direction One Inc. is able to shoot a restaurant full of people enjoying the atmosphere and the service but still focus on beautifully presented, delicious food. Another example is that we are capable of presenting the unique architecture of a locale, juxtaposed with guest and staff interaction.

These challenges are met by our photographer Vince Lupo. He focuses on presenting potential guests with accurate representations of what they will experience.

Vince and his assistants work closely with your hospitality staff to plan the entire photo shoot.

Always agreeable and easy to collaborate with, Direction One Inc. comfortably adheres to corporate and brand guidelines for photography, while offering additional creative solutions and suggestions based on over 15 years of experience. This unique approach is why we say, “At Direction One Inc. your vision is our mission.”

Let us showcase your brand new, recently renovated, or existing locale so potential guests will be eager to spend their time with you and your staff. Check out our Hospitality Photography portfolio and see for yourself. Call us at 410-850-4181 or contact us.