Direction One Inc’s Promise

Direction One Inc. provides the highest quality photography services and products to its clients. Direction One Inc. takes a goal-oriented approach to photography that is based on client provided direction and overall project vision. Direction One Inc. focuses on customer service, efficiency, teamwork and value-added services in order to meet/exceed both client deadlines and expectations.

What Makes Direction One Inc. Different

Experience: With over 25 years of professional experience there are few problems Direction One Inc. has not encountered and solved. These collected experiences allow for the efficient execution of Direction One Inc’s processes.

Problem Solving: Direction One Inc. approaches photography with a specific goal in mind, which requires on-site thinking and adjustments. Experience in this area gives Direction One Inc. a great advantage over competitors.

Customer Service: Direction One Inc. takes pride in providing the best possible customer service in regard to timelines, products, client interaction, location, and the photo shoot process. Direction One Inc. goes the extra mile, even providing hand delivery if needed, to ensure the final product is exceptional.

Team Collaboration: Direction One Inc. listens to its clients and works with them to best achieve their project goals. Direction One Inc. does not arrive with preconceived notions as to what the clients should want but takes their direction while offering professional options.

Flexibility: Unlike the majority of studio photographers, Direction One Inc. is willing and able to come to the client, thereby allowing them more flexibility in achieving the deliverable they desire.  Expertise in on-site problem solving allows Direction One Inc. to step out of the controlled studio environment that confines a majority of photographers.

Efficiency: Direction One Inc. works with its clients to ensure they receive what they need based on their desired deadlines. This could include on-site post-production and immediate deliverables.

Value Add: Direction One Inc. provides value added services beyond the typical photographer by assisting with model booking, graphic design services, stylists, superior post-production, motion graphics and whatever else the client may need.

Professional Results: Direction One Inc’s founder, Vince Lupo, has a passion for photography that, along with technical skill and a creative eye, has earned him multiple awards including two ADDYs and an IRMA.

Proud Member of: The Maryland Building Industry Association & Houzz – A place to browse and save beautiful home photos.





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