For more than 20 years, Direction One Inc. has provided restaurants, manufacturers, and chefs with enticing, sumptuous photographs of food products. We know the food industry is vibrant and exciting and that it demands work and effort.

Direction One Inc. chooses to perform photo shoots on location to best capture the essence of your business. Working in kitchens and restaurants enables us to ensure food can be prepared, plated, and presented so every picture looks delicious and tempting. When we shoot on site, we’re able to take full advantage of the environment – from creating a perfectly paired table setting to capturing the sizzle on a steak.

Thanks to cutting edge techniques, we’re able to bring our postproduction talents on site as well. In one case, a client had prepared the house specialty, a breakfast pizza. One of the two eggs had turned out perfectly – from the golden yolk to the crinkly egg white – while the other yolk hadn’t fared as well. Instead of preparing a new pizza and wasting valuable time and product, our photographer booted up the laptop, performed a quick digital manipulation, added in a few effects, and the new photo featured a breakfast pizza with two perfect yolks!

At Direction One Inc., your vision is our mission. Client input and insight plays a major role in our process, and the direction you provide shapes our approach. This collaborative approach is a trademark of photographer Vince Lupo. He brings artistic creativity to every shoot that’s matched only by his passion to exceed the client’s expectations.

It’s no secret that the food industry is fast paced and chaotic. A looming deadline is no problem for us, and on site problem solving saves time while helping clarify a client’s vision. Direction One Inc. provides a side dish of value added services including graphic design, motion graphics, and other skills that enable our clients to reach their goals.

Take a look at our portfolio of food photography, and we guarantee you won’t gain a single pound just by looking. If this sounds tempting, call us at 410-850-4181 or contact us.