The choices in education have never been more abundant, and the competition has never been as fierce. As parents seek the most stimulating, well-rounded educational experience for their children, private institutions continue to rely on marketing initiatives to set themselves above, and apart from, the competition. With these initiatives comes the need for dynamic, diverse, and experience defining photography.

Direction One Inc. specializes in capturing the student focused learning environment that is designed to nurture the educational enhancement of children.

When parents make decisions for their children’s education, they need to feel comfortable that the path they are considering is the best option for their child. Prior to experiencing the institution for themselves, parents rely on pictures of the environment to aid their decision-making. Focusing on diverse student / teacher interaction, Direction One Inc. projects a mentoring environment in which the student can thrive. This relationship is complimented by photography of cutting-edge educational tools, such as microscopes, laptops and tablets, not offered in other institutions.

Our photographer Vince Lupo has over 15 years of experience partnering with educational clients. Patient and warm, Vince knows how to work at “kid level”, adjusting shots to ensure the child’s experience occupies the center of the image. A quiet observer, he seeks to capture moments within a student’s day that inspire and engage. Vince will not impose his direction during the shoot, unless technically necessary.

Always collaborative, Direction One Inc. is highly aware of the potential challenges in photographing children. Working closely with a representative of the institution, Direction One Inc. respects the desires of the parents, and is extremely careful to avoid any subjects who have not signed photography release forms.

At Direction One Inc., your vision is our mission. That’s why we take a consultative approach to every photo shoot, following your direction to capture what sets you apart from the competition, while using our experience and talent to provide valid suggestions when needed. Let us help you showcase your diverse learning environment and help parents make the right decision for their child’s education.

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